Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Thoughts on Earth Day

It seems to me that many people associate Earth Day only with climate change and global warming issues. That's too bad, because while world leaders, scientists and citizens debate and argue over the stats, the planet's environmental health coughs and sputters along, wild habitat is being bulldozed and levelled, wetlands drained for development, and more precious species are ending up on endangered lists or lost to us forever.

Earth Day is more than the global warming debate. It's about celebrating this beautiful planet and engaging in efforts to save it on many fronts. And we can each do our part. Don't let the naysayers discourage you. Do what you can. Find something in the natural world that you love and then say—yes—I want to protect that! I want to save that! It can be a tree or an entire woodlot, or a species that you feel passionately about.

What do you love? What fascinates you?

Elephants? Moose? Polar bears? Brown bears? Butterflies? Sumatran tigers? Turtles? Frogs? Warblers? Wrens? Snakes? Salamanders? Owls? Orangutans?

What do you feel passionately about?

Your neighbourhood ravine? A marsh you have visited? A national park? A wildlife sanctuary you saw on the news? The oceans? The Amazon?

It's all important and it all matters. You just need to (a) really care about something and then (b) stand up and be counted.

This week, support what you love about Planet Earth with your actions, your energy, your voice and, where necessary, your dollars.

That’s Earth Day. People everywhere doing something good for the planet.

And believing that change is possible.

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