Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lake Erie's Fowler's Toads vs Big Developers with Deep Pockets

Same old story, right? Animals versus developers. Animals always on the losing end. Well, maybe this time there is still time to make a difference. Please follow this story by visiting Dr. Kerry Kriger's website, www.savethefrogs.com. Many thanks to Dr. Kriger for all of his efforts globally on behalf of frogs and toads everywhere; but a special thank-you for his committment to amphibians in crisis here in Canada. Please do what you can. Write, protest, join the online seminar, spread the word or donate. The Fowler's Toads of Lake Erie need your help now.
Did you know that the Ontario government has authorized the developers at Lake Erie to "harm, harass, kill and collect the toads?
But already thousands of emails have been sent to 18 politicians by concerned Canadians!
We must keep up the pressure! This development company - the Molinaro Group - needs to be told that there is something more precious than money.