Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm going to work for Planet Earth in 2012...How about you?

Our planet can no longer wait for us to grow up and wake up! So with a new year only hours away, let's make a commitment - a resolution if you will - so that 2012 is the year that grassroots humanity takes charge and takes back the Earth, for all people and all species.

So goodbye Greed, Waste, Carelessness and Irresponsibility. Tell bad corporate citizens what they can do with their dirty products and practices. Remind governments what they should be doing for their people and the planet, instead of serving big business and the investment bankers. Take action. Speak up. Become an activist for Earth.

It's our only home, this pale blue dot swimming in a sea of space...

Let's mobilize for Mother Earth! There is so much we can do, so much work to be done.

Bless the Earth this New Year's Eve.