Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Not Too Late ...

... to make a 2009 tax-deductible donation to a nature organization. The philanthropy challenge continues at White's Wetlands this week!

Today's featured organization is NATURE CANADA. Their mission is to protect and conserve wildlife and habitats in Canada by engaging people and advocating on behalf of nature. Their strategies are based on sound science and a passion for nature.

Nature Canada's newsletters have kept me informed all year about endangered species and species-at-risk as well as their many initiatives and achievements on behalf of wild Canada. When you support Nature Canada, your money works hard to

inspire kids to connect with nature. Educating kids to respect the natural world will ensure that future generations will continue to value wildlife and take care of the environment.

protect endangered species. Thanks to Nature Canada's petitioning and legal action, vital habitats have been protected and policy wins have been made: the Canadian government has now agreed to address a backlog on recovery planning for over 50 endangered animals and other species! You can be sure that Nature Canada will be there to make sure the government keeps its promise!

protect critical habitat and critically important areas, such as Kendall Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary — the only federally protected area in the Mackenzie Delta. Kendall Island is a haven for thousands of shorebirds. A massive pipeline project could cause this sanctuary to be flooded, destroying critical habitat forever.

If it proceeds, the Mackenzie Gas Project will trigger a rush of oil and gas development throughout the Mackenzie. Nature Canada is working to stop any development that threatens this delicate Arctic ecosystem.

There are so many species at risk in Canada. Nature Canada has taken positive and practical steps to reverse the decline, and they do so with a real passion for nature, true dedication and lots of hard work. So take a moment to visit the site. Join the Nature Nation, read the blogs, and most of all read the 2009 Success Report! Then make a new year's resolution to connect more with nature in 2010.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays from White's Wetland

It's always a "white" Christmas at White's Wetland!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Philanthropy Challenge Continues: The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

Hello, Dolly!

Meet Dolly, one of the residents of the Donkey Sanctuary located in Guelph, Ontario.
In fact, just visit the site right now! You can get to know all of the donkeys who make this delightful place their home by reading their life stories. Then consider a generous donation this Christmas! Remember, donkeys play a very special role in the Christmas story.

And let's not forget their service to humankind down through the centuries. Sadly and far too often, these humble, hardworking animals have been subjected to terrible abuse, cruelty and neglect. The sanctuary welcomes all donkeys, regardless of the reason for their need of a new home, and gives them a pleasant, peaceful place to live out their lives, safe from harm and free of fear.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Philanthropy Challenge Continues: Salthaven

From Iraq to SW Ontario. Not far from White's Wetland, in Mt. Brydges in fact, injured and distressed wildlife have a sanctuary at Salthaven, a volunteer wildlife rehabilitation facility that receives 25 to 30 calls a day regarding displaced, sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife.

"With patience, persistence and attention to detail, Salthaven's dedicated group of volunteer caregivers has successfully treated and released countless healthy wild birds and animals back to their appropriate habitat in the wild."

Please visit the Salthaven site and learn more about their mission.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Philanthropy Challenge Continues: Nature Iraq

"It turns out Saddam Hussein did possess a weapon of mass destruction and he used it in a slaughter that few have heard of until now: after the Gulf War in 1991, the dictator spent untold millions on this weapon, designed to exterminate an ancient civilization called the Ma'dan, also known as the Marsh Arabs."

Last month, CBS ran a story on 60 Minutes that touched me deeply. Azzam Alwash, founder and CEO of Nature Iraq, is an amazing, extraordinary man. Please visit the Nature Iraq site and learn about his efforts to restore a very special wetlands area in Iraq that was home to people, plants and animals. If you missed the CBS story, you can view it on the Nature Iraq site. I highly recommend it.