Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Philanthropy Challenge Continues: The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

Hello, Dolly!

Meet Dolly, one of the residents of the Donkey Sanctuary located in Guelph, Ontario.
In fact, just visit the site right now! You can get to know all of the donkeys who make this delightful place their home by reading their life stories. Then consider a generous donation this Christmas! Remember, donkeys play a very special role in the Christmas story.

And let's not forget their service to humankind down through the centuries. Sadly and far too often, these humble, hardworking animals have been subjected to terrible abuse, cruelty and neglect. The sanctuary welcomes all donkeys, regardless of the reason for their need of a new home, and gives them a pleasant, peaceful place to live out their lives, safe from harm and free of fear.

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