Monday, April 5, 2010

Hey! It's National Wildlife Week!

Yes! All week long! And I'll be "blogging from the bog" every day this week, but in terms of wildlife, it's been very quiet here despite the fine weather and the sunshine. No sightings or observations of note. In fact, only the mallards have been making a daily appearance on the pond. But the natural world is coming to life and it's a beautiful thing.

What can you do for National Wildlife Week? Well, one of the most important things we can all do is teach our kids to appreciate/love nature. Education is the key. But not just the facts and the figures. Get out there — hike, walk, explore, learn as you go. Experiencing the natural world firsthand is the surest way of falling in love with it.

Find out what activities and events are going on in your local area to celebrate wildlife week. Even museums and science centres are getting involved, so Toronto, no need to feel left out of the fun — it's Nature Month at the ROM this April.

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