Saturday, April 28, 2012

Save The Frogs Here!

For a wetland blogger, this is probably THE most important day of the year! Loss of habitat is one of the main reasons why frogs and other amphibians are rapidly disappearing everywhere. It is one of the most insidious mass extinctions in progress. Which is why we desperately need to raise awareness. Frogs need habitat in order to survive, and that means protecting our precious wetlands, swamps, bogs, fens and ponds from being drained for development. Frogs have lived on this planet for 350 million years. Let's not be the cause for their extinction. So let's begin by protecting their habitat. To learn more about the worldwide amphibian crisis, please visit Dr. Kerry Kriger's site: Save the Frogs. Today, there are over 181 events being held across the planet in 37 countries! Astonishing! Amazing! Encouraging! Check out the map and find an event near you!

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