Saturday, August 15, 2009

Extinction is Very Real for Many Species

"That last bottled sparrow is what a species looks like when its habitat has vanished for good."

That line is from an article called "Last One" and you can read it online at National Geographic.

It would be a shame to see this tiny bog turtle end up as a specimen in a jar on display in a museum somewhere, just because we couldn't make the effort now to change how we live in order to accommodate "the wild ones" a little better.

We need to be more than just compassionate now; we need
to do things smarter, better, with more imagination and
innovation, more intelligence and wisdom. We humans need
to realize that we're not the only ones living on this
planet and that we can modify how we build, develop, grow,
work and play so that all species get a chance to live,
raise their young, perpetuate their uniqueness and continue
to contribute to the magnificent diversity that is life on earth.

Please visit National Geographic and view all of Joel Sartore's compelling photos of endangered species...
and take a good, long look.

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